Raw is better

In order to blend the ingredients together, traditional skincare products are heated to extremely high temperatures. Delicate actives are damaged in the process. We found a new, better way to prepare our potent formulations raw.

Why raw formulations matter

At Ao, we source the earth’s most powerful active botanicals, super-antioxidants, vitamins and peptides. We developed a proprietary cold processing system to manufacture these complex formulations without heating during the manufacturing.

No heat means that we can maintain the raw nature of our ingredients and that they won’t lose their potency. Think of it like the difference between a raw and a cooked vegetable. Raw vegetables are more nutrient-rich than their heated counterparts. Ao products are more nutrient-rich than other skincare products. 

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Others harness nature. We preserve it.

Our fresh scientific methods filter nature’s potent energy into products designed to overcome uncertain elements and defend your skin’s dynamic boundary. Adaptive ingredients that stand up to the harshest conditions. Cold processed formulas that retain the raw power of every active. Instigative expertise that questions standard skincare practices.

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The vitamin A booster

Use our Vitamin A booster day and night. Ao Skincare contains Bakuchiol, which acts as a booster to Retinal and at same time protects your skin from the potential side effects of Retinal including sun sensitivity 

20% reduction in wrinkle depth
40% improvement in skin elasticity
90% improvement in skin roughness

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New Zealand Totarol

A naturally occurring, sustainably sourced extract from the heartwood of the native New Zealand Totara tree. Totarol makes the wood resistant to decay, allowing fallen trees to be preserved in time for hundreds of years, even in wet swampy conditions. In skin care, it makes for the perfect natural preservative and antioxidant.

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The purest botanicals we could find

Our products contain powerful active botanicals from New Zealand, blended with advanced fatigue-fighting actives.

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New Zealand Red Algae - 6000x more powerful than Vitamin C

If you want to use the most powerful skin care available,  it makes sense then to use one containing the most powerful natural antioxidant available - up to 6000x more powerful than Vitamin C.

Introducing Astaxanthin made by New Zealand Red Algae. Studies show that Astaxanthin:

  •  Reduces sun damage
  •  Reduces wrinkles
  •  Reduces age spots
  •  Reduces freckles

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