In the media - The Best Bargain Beauty Buys of 2016

Truth In Aging, September 8, 2016

I have been making more of an effort recently to discover new brands and products that that will give your skin a lift without dragging down your bank account balance. Powerful products with active ingredients don’t always have cost you an arm and a leg.

Now that we have increased the selection in the Truth In Aging shop, I wanted to highlight some of my favorite anti-agers that come with an affordable price tag — all under $75 — and impressive results! Whatever your skin needs, you can create powerful regimen at a modest price.

Ao Skincare Protect ($59.95 in the shop)
I actually like using this sunscreen (not a common occurrence) from New Zealand brand Ao Skincare. It feels good, isn’t chalky and has one of my favorite ingredients, astaxanthin. This algae-derived antioxidant fights free radicals and UV-induced damage with a massive dose of vitamin C. Other skin protectors include vitamin E, pomegranate, and ferulic acid.

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