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We all have our usual make up routine and it is not often that we deter from it. Most of us are not naturally great at make up, so we stick with what we know and what works. Unless we take note of a cool and easy trick or a girlfriend shares her tip.

So, how often do you use a lip liner? Nnnnnnever? Thought so. Me neither. So why don't we try? After reading some info on lip liner, I think that I will definitely try (also given the fact that I own 2 lip liners... unused). For my next social event, I promise I will give it a go. And you should too.

Lipliner not only outlines one of women's most luscious feature but also smoothes the skin over and acts as a base for the lipstick to last longer. It is also an essential step if you have micro wrinkles where more liquid lipstick may look uneven. 

Elena Mironova
Elena Mironova


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