Don't eat dates.... if you want to look & feel your best


There are a lot of foods out there that have been around for thousands of years and yet have not enjoyed popularity as much. Dates are the perfect example. Frequently used in Arabic countries' cuisine, in the Western world, dates are not consumed on their own but in baking mostly. As nutritional science continues to explore some of the hidden benefits of certain foods, nowadays dates are certainly not overlooked and finally bath in a well-deserved limelight. Super sweet and filling, dates boast  a myriad of invaluable health benefits for us to take advantage of.

Rich in Vitamin B, dates can assist in eliminating some skin problems such as stretch marks. Also naturally rich in Vitamin C, dates help resist oxidation. From anti-aging properties to healthy stomach, teeth, and bones, dates are so handy and accessible, therefore I urge you to make them your 3pm snack and enjoy all the glorious benefits of this super fruit.

Elena Mironova
Elena Mironova


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