Clinical Testing of Ao Rewind Retinal Shows Excellent Results

We recently received the report on a clinical trial involving Ao #6 Rewind Retinal. The results are very encouraging.

The trial was conducted by the highly respected Dermatest Research Institute for Reliable Results in Munster, Germany. The lead investigator was Dr Jens Klokker. A group of people largely aged in their 40s and 50s received Ao #6 Rewind Retinal once per day in the evening. Skin examinations were carried out according to clinical-dermatological criteria.

The first major finding is that Rewind Retinal is well tolerated. No subjects reported any irritation. This is very significant, as retinoids such as the retinal we use in Rewind may cause an inflammatory dermatitis. Any inflammation would be most apparent in the first few weeks of treatment, so its absence in this four-week trial is excellent news.

It’s worth considering the implications of this. While retinoids offer proven anti-aging benefits, they frequently cause side effects as well. We believe that our unique combination of retinal, bakuchiol and astaxanthin means that skin receives the support it needs, without triggering another problem.

We now have solid evidence to support the claim that Rewind Retinal is well tolerated.

The next step is to discover whether the product is effective in restoring skin. I’ll address this in my next post.