An app to help you protect your sensitive skin

Taking care of your skin means knowing which skin care products and ingredients work best with it – and which ones could cause allergies or worse. 

Now some clever people in Korea have developed an app that brings all this knowledge to your fingertips. 

The HwaHae app links to a database with over 50,000 products, providing a complete rundown of ingredients. It’s a fact of life that not every product is labelled with all the ingredients that go into it – many packs are too small to carry a comprehensive list – but HwaHae can flag the ones you might not want. It's proved very popular indeed.

Using data from the Association of Korean Dermatologists, HwaHae lists the potentially toxic chemicals included in makeup products and rates the degree of harm they could cause. The app is popular because it often shows information that is absent from the covers or commercials of beauty products. HwaHae also categorizes ingredients by skin type and offers recommendations. 

HwaHae is designed for those who can read Korean. But where Korea leads in skin care, the rest of the world often follows. Perhaps we can expect an English language equivalent before too long.

Mark Gray
Mark Gray


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