American consumers are embracing natural formulations

Evidence that naturally based skin care and anti-aging products are moving into the mainstream can be found in a new survey from Mintel. 

The report, Facial Skin Care and Anti-Aging US 2016, revealed that shoppers are seeking products that contain easily recognizable ingredients from the natural world. This is likely the result of anxiety about pollution, chemicals and other environmental factors. Here’s how they put it: 

"Consumers are embracing healthy, holistic living, and our research shows that these lifestyle changes are driving the facial skincare and anti-aging market. In such a saturated marketplace, products featuring natural formulations are standing out to consumers who trust identifiable and natural ingredients,” says Shannon Romanowski, Category Manager, Health, Household, Beauty and Personal Care at Mintel. 

It’s a conclusion that resonates with us. 

In creating the Ao range we deliberately chose ingredients derived from natural substances, such as the New Zealand tree fern, manuka honey and kiwi seed oil. These offer proven benefits in skin care – plus the reassurance of nature.

Mark Gray
Mark Gray


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