A growing interest in plant-based cosmetics

We’re passionate about the potential of substances derived from nature, especially plants. Herbal treatments are a staple of traditional medicine, and now science is catching up.

As usual, Korea is leading the way. A South Korean university has collaborated with industry to produce an anti-aging skin treatment based on white rose and mangosteen. There are also plant-based anti-aging products derived from forsythia fruit extract and omija. 

Turning to Africa, cosmetics company Rahn has developed a product that can boost collagen to restore skin structure. Derived from the leaf sap of South African plant, Bulbine Frutescans, the new treatment is very promising: 

As a result of a replenished dermis, elasticity and firmness improved by up to 18%, which statistically is significantly higher than baseline and placebo (not shown). This result should be further reflected by the appearance of rejuvenated skin and a reduction in wrinkles.

Mark Gray
Mark Gray


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