Skin Care Products Made With Water from Artesian Wells

There are many sources of fresh water around the world. Unfortunately, most of them are located in regions that have been affected by human occupation and industry for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. 

So we went to the far ends of the earth to source an alternative. 

The water used in Ao products comes from an aquifer in the far north of New Zealand. The low population and the lack of local industry has resulted in water of rare purity. It is sustainably extracted, filtered and supplied to us for use in our skin care range. 

Kauri Springs New Zealand mineral water is extracted directly from a pristine aquifer in “Kaiwaka”, deep beneath the untouched Mt Pukekaroro Reserve  in the far North of New Zealand. The surrounding countryside is covered by virgin forest, ensuring a 100% pure and natural environment.

Mark Gray
Mark Gray


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