What Sort of Water is Your Skin Drinking?

Around 60% of your body is made up of water, with much of it entering and leaving via your skin. So does it matter what type of water you ingest through skin care products? 

We believe it does. Most skin care products are based on treated water (‘tap water’) that has been distilled to remove any chemicals. This has the advantage of being convenient and easy to manage as an industrial process. But the result is water that’s devoid of beneficial trace minerals. 

A better approach is to source pure artesian water from a trusted source. Here are some facts about the water we use: 

Local and international analysis has determined that Kauri Springs water is one of the finest spring waters in the world. 

Daily analysis conducted by R.J. Hill Laboratories Ltd. in New Zealand validates that Kauri Springs water is extremely pure with various mineral elements including a high concentration of silica and very low nitrate levels. 

Kauri Springs water consistently meets the requirements of MPI and international standards in export markets. 

We’ll explore this topic in more depth in another post.