The Rise of Male Skin Care

Caring about the appearance of one’s skin used to be a female thing. But as we approach the third decade of the 21st century, men are increasingly challenging this stereotype.

The new focus on male skin care mirrors the broader interest in healthy living seen amongst men around the world. Males are committing to gym memberships, watching their diets – and spending a lot more time and money on maintaining healthy skin. Here’s what Dermascope had to say:

What has spurred the growth? It is likely a combination of increased marketing by brands, prevalence in pop culture, the availability of products specifically for men, and pressures to maintain a youthful appearance. Some research even pointed to stress as a contributing factor as more men are seeking out spa visits as a way to relax. In fact, the same report found men now represent 47 percent of overall spa goers.

Standby for ongoing growth in the market for sophisticated skin care products that serve this massive, masculine market.