Skin Care Tailored to You

The old-fashioned subdivision of skin into just a few types is yesterday’s thinking. New developments in ‘the omics’ – genomics, epigenomics, proteomics, lipidomics and more – are changing the way we look after skin.

The goal is to tailor your skin care to the skin you actually have, rather than simply addressing its superficial characteristics. HighFields Spa provides an interesting overview here.

Experts say that, in the not-too-distant future, genetic testing may be routinely called upon to inform us about a client’s skin. It may come in the form of geneticists partnering with skin care professionals or industry leaders, or through the creation of its own industry. Regardless, it will enable us to learn which conditions an individual is predisposed to develop, to which therapies her skin will best respond, and which modes of prevention will prove most effective.

We’re particularly interested in the way genomics can open the door to more personalized skin care. Imagine a cream that boosts your protection against UV and air pollution by controlling the way oxygen reacts with your skin type. As personalized genetic testing becomes cheaper and more widely available, these kinds of products will change the way we protect our skin from damage.

Mark Gray
Mark Gray


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