Cold processing... The Way of the Future

Technology is advancing all the time; scientists are looking for new ways to produce smarter more efficacious skin care formulations.

"Why the tremendous interest in cold-processable emulsifiers and blends? In the most basic sense, who wouldn’t want to finish work faster and skip unnecessary steps? Cold emulsification offers such benefits since, unlike traditional emulsification, it does not involve heating water and oil phases to temperatures as high as 80-90°C for emulsification droplet formation. Consequently, it also avoids long cooling processes, especially considering batches are typically cooled at one-third or one-half a Celsius degree per minute. This translates into substantial energy and overall cost savings for production. In turn, less energy consumption means fewer CO2 emissions, reducing the impact on the environment and aligning with the current trend for a reduced carbon footprint.

These cold processing methods really appeal to us and looking at the benefits, it is almost a crime not to give it a go! We use this method in our moisturizers. What this article doesn't tell you is that not heating the ingredients to 80-90°C means that the original molecular structure of the natural and active ingredients is better preserved.

Mark Gray
Mark Gray


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