The Quest for Natural, Safe Preservatives in Skin Care

The movement away from chemical preservatives like parabens is a good thing. But we do need to include ingredients to prevent product contamination.  The search for natural, safe preservatives is an exciting trend in skin care.  Introducing Totarol; an all-natural botanical preservative with many hidden talents.

"Totarol is a natural preservative derived from the totara trees of New Zealand, which are known to grow for over 1,000 years. Their longevity is thought to be extended by the anti-bacterial properties of the wood, which is currently harvested from previously discarded fences and other structures. According to an article published on entitled "Totarol goes global," Totarol's "natural antibacterial properties have already proved to be successful in skin care and oral care product[s]," and is used to fight Strepococcus mutans, a carcinogenic organism present in dental plaque. Totarol is also thought to be effective against gram-positive bacteria, including Propionibacterium acnes the bacteria prevalent in acne. In studies, 80% of patients saw acne improvement when Totarol was combined with Testostorone 5a Reductase Inhibitor (International Journal of Cosmetic Science). It may be used in a variety of cosmetic formulas as a natural preservative to prevent the growth of bacteria."

Better still, there's no known side effects. 

Mark Gray
Mark Gray


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