The Myth of Allergies to Lanolin Oil

Lanolin has certainly had a bad rap over the years. Albert M. Kligman* attempts to demystify

"Lanolin has the reputation of being an important contact sensitizer. The market place abounds with products that are labeled “lanolin free”. In fact, lanolin is at most a weak contact allergen. The supposed hazards of sensitization to lanolin products are a resultant of faulty science and failure to appreciate the limitations of patch testing. Lanolin allergy is a myth created mainly by overzealous professional patch testers. No one has succeeded in sensitizing animals or humans to lanolin or wool wax alcohols. Most of the case reports are false positives, in association with the angry back syndrome."

We truly believe in this incredible ingredient.  The truth is that it is the closest match to our own human lipids and a hydrator that works in two ways; it holds moisture in and it also attracts moisture to the skin. You be the judge! More here

Mark Gray
Mark Gray


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