Hormetins – The Key to Maintaining Healthy Skin

We now know that skin ages as it loses the ability to repair itself and maintain healthy structures. However, a certain amount of stress can stimulate the biological processes that maintain skin structure and function. 

This process is called hormesis, and the substances that boost skin cell repair are known as hormetins. 

Scientists are investigating substances derived from extracts of tea, dark chocolate, saffron and spinach to find the most effective hormetins. The goal is to create cosmetics and cosmeceuticals that help your skin stay healthy. Here’s the key

…natural and synthetic hormetins can be incorporated in cosmeceutical formulations, and can help achieve benefits including maintenance of the skin structure and function. Several polyphenols, flavonoids and other components from spices, algae and other sources are potential hormetins that may act via hormesis.

Mark Gray
Mark Gray


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