Could Cosmetics Affect Reproductive Health?

A new study by SUNY has raised questions over substances such as triclocarban and parabens, which are commonly found in skin care products. 

The SUNY team worked with scientists from the Center for Environmental Security at Arizona University to find out how antimicrobial compounds affect birth weight, head size and other factors in newborns. The study found a disturbing link between butyl paraben, which is commonly used as a preservative, and increased odds of pre-term birth. Triclocarban was found to be associated with shortened gestational age. 

Here’s some background

"Our latest study adds to the growing body of evidence showing that endocrine-disrupting compounds can lead to developmental and reproductive problems in animals and in humans. Effects observed in previous studies mainly came from animal models only."

The study was published in the Journal of Hazardous Materials. 

We think it’s better to be safe than sorry. So we submit all our ingredients to independent screening, to ensure they are ethical and safe as well as effective. 

It makes product development more costly, but we think it’s a price well worth paying.

Mark Gray
Mark Gray


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