You Are What You Eat

All make up brands claim to give you flawless porcelain skin in matter of seconds that will last all day. And we have got to give it to them, make up can truly work wonders, we have all watched fabulous make over videos and before and after photos, some are almost unbelievable. However the make up does not change what's underneath. In fact what it does do unfortunately carries a negative effect on our skin: chemicals and heavy metals leave harmful deposit and residue not to mention all the germs we accumulate throughout the day.

I don't know about you, but it gives me great pleasure to remove my make up in the evening revealing healthy beautiful skin. I am happy with its condition and it is not every day that I have to put on make up solely because it lacks irritation, red spots and dark circles. Off course Ao Skincare has a lot to do with it, but we must not forget a saying: "We are what we eat". This could not be closer to the truth. What we put in our bodies is reflected in our "exterior" - through skin. Therefore, I am offering you to read this great article which contains a few facts on foods and also awesome smoothie recipe for radiant skin

Elena Mironova
Elena Mironova


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