Shearing the Goodness: How Lanolin Oil from New Zealand Sheep Can Help Protect Human Skin

We use lanolin extracted from wool. This is sourced from sheep that live a free-range existence in the countryside of New Zealand. 

With 22 sheep for every human inhabitant, New Zealand is a society ‘built on the sheep’s back.’ Historically bred for meat and wool, New Zealand sheep are now the foundation of a burgeoning market in skin care formulations. Kiwi scientists played a key role in sequencing the sheep genome, opening the way to new products that make the most of lanolin. 

Genome project leader Dr Brian Dalrymple had this to say

Given the importance of wool production, we focused on which genes were likely to be involved in producing wool. We identified a new pathway for the metabolism of lipid in sheep skin, which may play a role in both the development of wool and in the efficient production of wool grease (lanolin).

Mark Gray
Mark Gray


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