The Glossier

GLOW UP 〰 I'm big on anti-aging products, and over the past year I have been incorporating more retinol into my routine. I'm not exaggerating even a little when I say that Retinal Rewind by @aoskincare is the best thing I've put on my face ALL YEAR, and I'm only a few weeks into adding this to my routine! I look forward to nights when this gets rotated in, because I wake up with very smooth and youthful-looking skin—it does an amazing job of quickly improving texture and evening the tone of my skin, as well as helping my skin absorb my other skincare better! It's a gentle formulation, so I never peel, or experience any irritation/redness, which makes this tempting to use daily, but I've just been using it 2-3x per week maximum so that my skin can fully adjust to it. I'm definitely excited by the short-term results, but I can't wait to see what can happens when the bottle is finished.