Our Top 8 Anti-Aging Essentials - Truth in Aging

Independent review and awards company Truth in Aging recently announced their 'Top 8 Anti-aging Essentials' and Ao Skincare featured twice! - as their essential retinol and their essential sunscreen. 

"Overwhelmed? Whipsawed? Confused? And don’t even think about that beauty product cemetery underneath the bathroom sink. Your emails keep coming in and I feel your pain. So let’s get focused on anti-aging essentials. I have chosen them because they roll up their sleeves and do just what they are supposed to do.

Make space on your vanity or bathroom cabinet for at least one of these must-haves."

The Essential Retinol
Ao Skincare Rewind Retinal - Safe, effective retinols add ballast to any regimen.

The Essential Sunscreen
Ao Skincare Protect - Never sticky, oily, or chalky. Silky smooth to the touch and even works as a primer for makeup.